🌊Tips and Tricks to Help You Enjoy SURF Next Week Monday through Wednesday @ 10 AM to 4 PM!

The Student Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF) starts next week Monday and our agenda is live! Here are some quick tips and tricks from our quick guide to get you up to speed on the event so you can engage with students.

🌊Everything you need is one click away on the front page of our event website: https://kapcc-research.wixsite.com/surf. Don’t forget to sIgn-in once a day, every day.

Want to see all the session details in one space or send them to someone? Check out the new SURF Highlights section on our website.

You don’t need to stay for an hour. You can hop in any room for roughly 15-20 min to catch one presentation, thank them, and go back to other things. Bring your lunch or snacks!

Did you just listen to a 10-minute presentation in Greek and can’t think of a single question? Feel free to ask them to clarify, share your own knowledge or experiences with the topic, or use our handy list of questions, This is a great way to connect students to other campus resources as well!

Click on the poster pdf on the agenda before joining a room to see a clear and accessible version of the poster. We love the closed captions to catch hard to hear moments as well!

In a hurry and can’t figure out the website/agenda? Look at the graphic below or watch this 4-minute video to get you to a presentation in no time. We have volunteers in every room to direct you to where you need to go or check out our help desk too.

SURF is a casual space for students, faculty, staff, and admin to share ideas and learn from each other. We have over 80 presentations on student campus perspectives, Native Hawaiian plants and animals, ocean sustainability, dating apps, natural disasters, and so much more! 

We will be posting daily session highlights in the KapCC News during the event and on our Instagram Stories on @kccurep and @kccstem. See you there!

Contact: Li-Anne Delavega at ldelaveg@hawaii.edu or Kalei Galarita kgalarit@hawaii.edu