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🌊 SURF LAST DAY Overview @10 am to 4 pm

We have a jampacked final day of SURF! Take a break, bring some snacks, and come learn something new at our 15-20 minute drop-in presentations. All you need to do is go to our SURF Website to sign in and check the agenda for presentation materials and links. See you there!

Spring 2022 Student Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF)
Monday, May 2 to Wednesday, May 4
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Event Info, Sign-in, and Agenda: https://kapcc-research.wixsite.com/surf

Today, our KapCC students are trying to solve the following problems (sessions are an hour unless marked):

  • 🌱How do students help educate our local communities about the endemic/indigenous plants at KapCC and make them more visible? @ 10 am.
  • 💧We’ve got  native birds, humpback whales, & urban farms from the Marine Options Program @ 1 pm
  • 🌳How can we help cultivate native plant species in Wailupe valley and restore the natural habitat of the Oʻahu ʻElepaio, an endangered native bird?   @ 2 pm.
  • 📱 Learn how sustainability intersects with Tik Tok, Pacific Islander cultural lifestyles, Red Hill Water crisis, mental health, foster families, and more with projects Radford High School Early College Program @ 2 pm
  • 💖Students in the Resilience Corps Leaders (RCL) program are mapping out stories of place-based resilience from kupuna and building toward a stronger community @ 3 pm

Throughout the day:

🦺What can I do to mitigate the damage to my community after a natural disaster? Today, we have presentations that connect students’ lives with coastal erosion, megadroughts, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Ike, Typhoon Haiyan, and Typhoon Mangkhut. 

Contact: Li-Anne Delavega at ldelaveg@hawaii.edu or Kalei Galarita kgalarit@hawaii.edu