EUTF Duplicate After-Tax Deductions Corrected for the May 20, 2022 Pay Date

Note: This message is only intended for employees who are employed in a position working “20 or more hours per week and for at least 3 months” and are enrolled in the EUTF health benefits plan.
The university was notified by Hawaii Information Portal (HIP) Service Center, that some employees were inadvertently double deducted for their after-tax medical deductions on May 20, 2022 paychecks. This was due to an oversight by both EUTF and HIP in the processing of a new file as they recently transitioned to a new system. They have identified all the employees affected and processed off-cycle checks on May 18, 2022, to refund the duplicate deductions back to the employees. These refunds will be paid via direct deposit on May 20, 2022 pay date. If any affected employees are not enrolled in direct deposit, the UH Payroll department will send out the refund checks once they receive them. 
HIP has canceled the duplicate deductions for all employees in their system to prevent this from happening again and apologized for any inconvenience this may cause. Please note that not all employees were impacted, however, we are providing this notification so that you are aware of this issue and can check your pay statement.
To summarize: You may notice a duplicate after-tax medical deduction on your May 20, 2022 paycheck and those affected employees will receive a refund check via direct deposit or paper check. KapCC HR strongly encourages everyone to regularly check their pay statement. To view your paycheck or pay statement: go to (UH VPN required if teleworking) > click on Hawaii Information Portal (HIP) > Click on pay statement.
Please email for any questions or concerns.