Donate Your Cap & Gown after Commencements

Recylce SymbolHelp Make Graduation more Sustainable!

Did you know that caps and gowns are made from petroleum-based chemicals (PET) and are not biodegradable?  And, since we only wear them once, most end up in landfills.

Donating your cap & gown after the Commencement Celebrations will keep more caps and gowns out of landfills.  How?  Donated caps and gowns are cleaned and sanitized by the Honor Society and then rented out to students next year.  You also are helping students save money since the rental is 60% cheaper than buying everything new.

How to Donate:

When: Immediately after the Commencement Ceremony on May 13th

Cap & Gown Donation

Donate Cap Gown after the Commencement Ceremony

Where: at the Lei Zone Tent (near Cafeteria)

Any time after the ceremony: donate them in the lobby of Lama Library

You will receive a Greener Graduation Certificate that you will list on your resume, showing your participation in this program and commitment to sustainability, which employers are looking for.  So be sure to scan the QR code when you donate.

If you have any questions, contact the Alpha Kappa Psi chapter of the Phi Theta Honor Society, which sponsors this initiative, at