3 Ways to Find Extra 💲 for Donation

Our campus Hawaiʻi Foodbank Drive ends this week.

  1. Ask family and friends to donate at https://hawaiifoodbank.org/donate/. Put UH Kapiʻolani Community College in the Additional Comments.
  2. Birthday gifting substitute: Have a Hawaiʻi Foodbank donation party instead.
  3. Coronavirus work-from-home savings:
    1. Gas,
    2. Lunch at restaurants,
    3. Pau hana Fridays,
    4. and you don’t have to buy new lipsticks.

Your donations benefits:

  • Our community
  • Our neighbors, friends, and families
  • Our students and co-workers
  • Anyone who has experienced hunger and hardship and received a helping hand from the Hawaiʻi Foodbank or our campus Food Pantry.

Please do not feel pressured to make a donation; many of us are contributing to our community in other ways.

Image credit: Erica Dias.