🔥 Hear Student Perspectives On KapCC: Mon, May 2 to Wed, May 4

Ever wonder how to get more students engaged in your class, program, or service? What are their experiences on our campus? How do they see the college? Pop in anytime to hear what student researchers found when they collected stories across campus and how they would like to integrate student voices and experiences into the future direction of our college.

Presentations are grouped by KapCC’s Student Success Pathway bubbles to provide different perspectives on the following topics. Click on the image to see a larger image of students and titles (readable PDF):

Spring 2022 Student Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF)
Online presentations via Google Meet
Event Info, Sign-in, and Agenda: https://kapcc-research.wixsite.com/surf

Mon, May 2 @ 10 AM-12 pm: Thrive
Mon, May 2 @ 12 PM-2 pm: Engage
Mon, May 2 @ 1 PM-3 PM: Learn
Tues, May 3 @ 12 PM-2 PM: Connect
Tues, May 3 @ 10 AM-12 PM: Prepare
Wed, May 4 @ 2 PM-4 PM: Achieve

🎊 Congratulations to advisors Puna, Vern, Kristie, Miki, Donovan, and Erica for all their hard work this semester guiding our students!


This project is a pilot initiative with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the Pāoa Indigenous Research Program to capture student voices in the college’s Strategic Plan. Pāoa is a collaboration between the KapCC Undergraduate Research Experiences Program and the Kapo’oloku Program for Native Hawaiian Student Success and is funded by the National Science Foundation Bridges-to-Baccalaureate (B2B) grant (LSAMP: NSF award HRD-1619702). Pele Logo designed by Tre Zamora.

Contact: Kara Plamann Wagoner, Michaelyn Nakoa, or Li-Anne Delavega