🌊 SURF Monday Overview @10 am to 4 pm

Take a break, bring some snacks, and come learn something new at our 15-20 minute drop-in presentations. We are posting overviews every day during SURF in the KapCC Newsletter so you can quickly see what’s going on!  All you need to do is go to our SURF Website to sign in and check the agenda for presentation materials and links. See you there! 

Spring 2022 Student Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF)
Monday, May 2 to Wednesday, May 4
10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Event Info, Sign-in, and Agenda: https://kapcc-research.wixsite.com/surf

 Today, our KapCC students are trying to solve the following problems (sessions are an hour unless marked):

  • 🌬️What affects our ability to breathe? Learn about COVID-19, inflammation, and sleep apnea impact our lungs @ 10:00 am
  • 🐟Where are the fish stocks in Waikīkī and how does overfishing impact overall reef health? Hear how a student is monitoring fish populations in Waikīkī in order to determine which species are thriving @ 1:00 pm.
  • 🕊️ What does bird poop and resilience have in common? Find out why Manu-o-Kū poop can hold the key  @ 1:30 pm!

Throughout the day:

🦺What can I do to mitigate the damage to my community after a natural disaster? Today, we have presentations on the Hilo tsunami, Oregon wildfires, Kalanianaole Floods, Japan earthquake/tsunami, Texas winter storms, and coastal erosion on our shores. 

Contact: Li-Anne Delavega at ldelaveg@hawaii.edu or Kalei Galarita kgalarit@hawaii.edu